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The Tea House Garden is a true place of wonder. We are a unique retail plant shop, serving fresh brewed teas in the beautiful setting of the historic Wesley building located in center of downtown Hamilton, Montana.


An oasis of its own, the Tea House holds many treasures inside the small conservatory and on the grounds itself. In the plant department, we specialize in cacti, succulents, houseplants, and annuals, but frequently carry a handful of perennials and shrubs. You are sure to find a variety of container gardens, terrariums, bonsai plants, and unexpected surprises on each visit. Our teas are hand selected and purchased in small batches, always bearing in mind unique flavor paired with high quality. We serve complimentary samples during business hours, with tea leaves and bags available for purchase.  You can also choose your own a one one-of-a-kind cup to buy and fill to sip on site, or take an eco-friendly cup to go. The Tea House Garden is an informal atmosphere where everyone is able to come and enjoy time with friends and family, or as a private place to sit and wonder. 


We are open to the public on Saturdays May - October from 9am-12:30pm, coinciding with the Hamilton Farmer's Market, but if you are ever in the area and would like a tour at a different time, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule a visit. 

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greenhouse, conservatory, tea garden, Wesley apartment building
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Wes Mills, Eileen Mills, Wesley Apartments

The Tea House Garden is the result of the collaborative effort and devotion of Eileen and Wes Mills. With her extensive background in horticulture and his intrinsic artistic sense, they have brought to life this true labor of love. After the simple statement of , "I'd like a greenhouse," Wes began drawing out plans of what was to become. The two often go back and forth as to what to call the end result-conservatory, or sun parlor perhaps? Whatever the term, it is far from the plexiglass and hoops Eileen had originally envisioned. Upon its completion, (constructed by Wes in the winter of 2015) the seeds were planted for what lay ahead.

greenhouse, conservatory construction
greenhouse, conservatory construction


tulips, tea house garden

The Conservatory, (my choice for descriptive terminology) has been my favorite place to be ever since my husband built it. The emotions it invokes in me every time I open the doors are almost indescribable. First, a little of my personal background....My journey with plants began nearly 20 years ago when I was first hired at a large retail garden and landscape center. After years with the company and working my way up to greenhouse manager, I eventually left to pursue the field as a landscape designer. I ran my own landscape design and maintenance company for several years, before changing things up again seeking the promise land of health insurance and 401ks. This led to a sales position with one of the leading plant distributors of the Pacific Northwest. I am at the point of life now, in my early 40s, that strenuous physical labor of landscaping is a thing of the past, as is sitting in an office 40 hours a week. I need to create, I need to be amongst the plants. The Tea House Garden feels like it's what I've been working towards the entire time.


The Tea House Garden was created with love at its center and that is how it will always be.


I often say, I myself am a work in progress, never finished, always evolving, and forever open to change.


I consider the Tea House Garden to hold these same values and while my passion for plants and creativity will be at its core, I expect to it unfold in unforeseen ways in the future. 

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